George's Stripping Class Review

If you have taken one of my classes, here are step by step instructions.

Class Review

1) Set-up Check list:
  • Make sure it’s a place for just you and your partner
  • Turn off ALL phones, pages, etc.
  • Have about 40 minutes of music ready
  • Sturdy chair with no arm rests
  • Outfit: 3 layers & Heels
  • Whip cream – Optional
  • Blindfold - Optional
  • Handcuffs – Optional
  • Partner sitting on chair

2) Routine

  • Facing partner move hips in base position – Use the figure 8 technique and then work in arms and shoulders.
  • Optional – Remove blindfold.
  • Half spin to reveal back side.
  • Half spin to face partner.
  • Emphasize favorite body part, i.e. Legs by pivoting on right leg while still moving your hips. Replace right leg and now extend left leg. Replace and continue moving hips in base position.
  • 360 Degree Turn: Bring arms in, cross one foot over the other, bend knees, pivot completely around then extend foot and arm at the same time. Tip* turn head around quickly by spotting point in room.
  • Tease Walk: Walk closer to partner. ˝ Spin and walk back to original spot. ˝ spin to face partner again.
  • Floor Work: Drop down to one knee then down on both knees (slowly). Work down to floor with one arm fully extended in front of you. Roll to side of extended arm. Move arms and slide one leg at a time. Optional – Both legs straight in the air with toes pointed. Figure 8-leg rotation with one leg doing circles behind the other leg’s knee. Extend same arm back out. Roll back to your stomach and slowly rise back to your knees. Step up with one leg until your back to base position. Tip* Rise up slowly with your head coming up last.
  • Incorporate Partner: Walk slowly to partner and place one foot on chair between legs. If there is place for foot to go then you have to make an opening by forcefully separating partner’s legs. Lean into partner and continue to tease. If your partner wishes to engage simply place their hands back on their side. Switch legs and continue to learn into your partner while still moving your hips and caressing yourself and partner with hands. Return foot back to floor.
  • Shark Walk: Seductively walk around your partner until you end up on the other side of the chair facing the same direction your partner is sitting. Take your outside foot and place it on edge of chair. Continue to lean into your partner getting closer each time and continue caressing yourself and partner with hands. Take your foot that’s on the chair and throw it around behind you and walk to the other side of chair so that you are on the exact opposite side facing the same direction as your partner. Take your outside foot and place it on edge of chair again doing the same thing you did on the other side. Return foot to ground. Gather yourself and throw outside foot over partners lap. Move hips over partners lap (grinding). Take your same lead leg and return to side position next to your partner. Now throw the inside leg over partners lap so now your back is facing your partner. Continue to move hip or “grind” on partners lap.
  • Second Floor Work:

The rest will be done soon!
Change back in a couple of days.


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